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Image of a young woman receiving a Tai Massage


Reiki Healing

'Reiki' pronounced Ray-Key, means 'universal life force energy'. It is a system of natural healing where the natural energy is channelled through the Reiki Practitioner to the client to balance and unblock the Chakras (energy centres) in the clients body. It is believed that the technique was first used by Tibetan Buddhist Monks and is also an ancient form of Japanese healing. 

If you have medical conditions which prevent you from undergoing massage treatments, this makes a good alternative to massage therapy,

The client remains fully clothed for this treatment. The Reiki Practitioner will place their hands on or just above the client's clothing over the energy centres. This treatment promotes healing, balance and relaxation to the mind, body and spirit.


Reiki Healing: £52.00 Non Member
£17.00 supplement per month Silver Wellbeing Member
45 minute treatment, including 3 minute rest time
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