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* Are you wanting to look after yourself more?  Are you interested in having nicer nails, skin, or to enhance your natural beauty? Are you feeling stressed and need to take some tiem out for yourself, or just looking for a bit of a treat / pick me up?  Do you have body aches and pains, tension headache, anxiety or low mood?

If you've answered Yes to any of the above questions, then we recommend you book in for our complimentary 'Feel Good Transformational Beauty & Wellbeing 1;1 Makeover sesssion'
Where one of our friendly team members will assess your Beauty, Skin, Nails & Wellbeing requirements, through visual inspection and a thorough consultation, to best assisst your needs with a personalised tailored beauty checklist!

You will leave;
*with your own personalised Beauty & Wellbeing Plan
*feeling well informed of what beauty, skin, nail & wellbeing treatments would be best suited for you, with clear instruction of 'how to'. for example; HOW TO; get better skin, clear up spots, improve circulation, improve hydration, get rid of dark circles. HOW TO: get rid of back ache and improve posture. HOW TO: look after your nails so they become stronger and longer. HOW TO: feel better on a day to day basis, reduce stress & anxiety, or how to create more time for you. ETC.
*with a complimentary wellness goodie bag, to take a piece of the experience home with you.
*Our '1st time client -introductary discount' on your first booking!

We will Check & Discuss any areas of concern you may have, these may include problems you may be having with any of the following: 
* SKIN- dryness, dullness, de-hydrated, spots, ageing, excema, dermatitis, phsorisis.
*NAILS- dryness, flaking, chipping, breaking, weak, uneven, nail biting.
*HAIR- hair growth, corse fast growing hair, a pain to keep doing home removal.
*BEAUTY- uneven, unshaped or patchy/ scarce brows, small lashes, pale pasty skin.
*WELLBEING- stress, overwhelm, tension headaches, anxiety, low mood, depression, busy life, unbalanced work-life.

CLAIM YOU complimentary 'Feel Good Transformational Beauty & Wellbeing 1;1 Makeover sesssion' NOW by texting 'New Client' to 07919346107, and we will be in touch to discuss any questions you may have and to book you in.

ONLY 5 available per month, so text us now to reserve your appointment slot!

We are really looking forward to meeting you x

Roman Beauty Team