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Upcoming Events: Mindfulness Workshops

Saturday 30th May

Image of ShonaJoin us on our first mindfulness workshop, where Shona Lowe will guide you through a mindfulness practice, using breath and words to support you in relaxing your mind and body, and becoming still in the present moment. Mindfulness is a form of meditation, which focuses your full attention on the breath as it flows in and out of the body.

Focusing on each breath in this way, allows you to observe your thoughts as they arise in your mind and, little by little, to let go of struggling with them. Over time mindfulness brings about long-term changes in mood and levels of happiness and well-being. Scientific studies have shown that mindfulness not only prevents depression, but that it also positively affects the brain patterns underlying day-to-day anxiety, stress, depression and irritability so that when they arise, they dissolve away again more easily.
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This is a 2.5 hour workshop, which includes an introduction to mindfulness and its health benefits, fully guided mindfulness practices, followed by a group discussion on mindfulness. It is suitable for the complete beginner and all guided practices will be short and easy to follow. There will also be a 30 minute break with tea, coffee, herbals & local sweet bakes.

2.5 hour workshop, Introductory rate, £20 per person.

There are only 10 spaces for this workshop, to secure your seat please call 07919346107 or email Laura at

The following links will direct you to another page, but all bookings must be made through Roman Beauty to secure your place.

Shona Lowe, has 10 years experience in teaching mindfulness, with experience including private practice and for the NHS. As well as teaching mindfulness, Shona also works full time as a fully accredited counsellor.

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