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Wellbeing Memberships (Massages / Holistics / Facials)

We are changing our treatment structure, and now offering PERSONALISED TAILORED TREATMENTS, Where you as the Customer chooses;

  • What time you want, from 30 minutes to 60 minutes to 120 minutes.
  • What combination of Massage Styles, Holistic Treatment, or Facial treatment you want within that time period. For example, if you chose 60 minutes you may decide you want 20 minutes massage on your back, 20 minutes vibrant skin facial, 10 minutes massage to the scalp and 10 minutes massage to your feet to make up your full hour.
  • You get to choose what pressure of massage you want; Light, Medium or Deep, and are encouraged to let us know if you require a change of pressure throughout the treatment.
  • Guidance will be given from your therpaist, for example, if you tell us you have been suffering with insomnia or headaches we may recommend you go for Indian Head Massage as this can eliminate and relieve these symptoms. If you confide in us that you've been suffering with low mood, we may recommend some Reiki over your head Chakra to help you feel uplifted and renewed.  If you tell us you have been suffering with Siatica and muscle tension around your shoulders we may recommend you go for a deep tissue back massage to release tense muscles and have extra time on your glutes to help ease or completely relieve your Siatica.
  • You get to choose which oil you want- a choice of 'Soothe The Senses' to induce deep relaxation or 'Awaken The Senses' to re-energise and uplift.

Beauty Memberships

Beauty Maintenance MemberĀ 

Nails, Waxing, Body tanning COMING SOON.

Watch this Space. To be kept informed of release date please subscribe to our mailing list by entering your details in the box at the top right hand corner of this page.