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Laura – Owner of Roman Beauty, Beautician, Massage Therapist, Mindfulness Instructor.

Hi & Welcome to Roman Beauty!
I have been working in the Beauty & Holistic Industry since 2008. From qualifying I went straight to work in Salons, Spas and Health Clubs- where I developed a love of beauty, massage, holistic therapy, and a passion for making people feel good! With my background as a qualified fitness instructor and my 10 years of experience of mindfulness practise, I have an indepth knowlege of what changes we can make to increase our overall health and wellbeing and our day-to-day feel good factor. I believe it is essential to take time for ourselves, whether that be daily, weekly or monthly, through a combination of activity, rest and restoration, in order for us to feel the best in our day to day life.  We are here at Roman Beauty to help you achieve this! We warmly welcome you entering our world of wellbeing, and look forward to meeting you!

All our Therapists have a minimum of 1 year experience within the industry and access to ongoing monthly training to ensure they can give you the very best results- each and every one of us is comitted to helping you Look, Move and Feel Amazing!
We offer all round Beauty treatments such as Nails, Tints and Waxing to get you looking your very best, and also Specialise in Massage & Holistic treatments, Facial treatments & female intimate waxing.


 Top Tip 1: Take that time for 'YOU' each month, as it will help you maintain mind-body balance which increases the bodys natural ability to heal, and heightens your general wellbeing & happiness levels.

Top Tip 2: Drink more water after your massage!  Tense muscles store a natural toxin called lactic acid.  Massage helps the body release toxins so drinking more water will help flush these toxins out.

Top Tip 3: Always choose LYCON hot wax for your sensitive and intimate areas, this formula is very gentle and virtually pain free so you walk away feeling slinky smooth, bruise and swollen free! for best results and to prevent ingrowing hair make sure you exfoliate and moisturise the area every few days, so that dead skin cells cant block the pores and stop the regrowth.

Top Tip 4: Follow the aftercare for your nail enhancements so that they last longer and keep there shine!  Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or cleaning to protect them from the lifting chemicals found in cleaning products. Treat your nails as Jewels not tools, meaning dont open tins with them! 

Top Tip 5: Always Look After your skin by attending regular proffessional facials and continuing your facial care routine at home by making sure you cleanse to remove any dirt & grime, tone to close any open pores to stop dirt getting back in, and moisturise to hydrate and protect your skin. You should also exfoliate 1-2 times a week to make sure your dead skin cells are removed for a healthy glowing complexion.